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Repair to a Chair. Yes it rhymes.

This chair has 'had it'!! or has it?? Repair or not to repair.


We can take this early 19th Century country ladder back chair and make it usable again. The passage of time and hungry woodworm have taken their toll. The idea with repair of something this old is to have as much as possible left of the original chair but leaving it as a functioning object. As the old saying goes ‘don’t make a cobbler’s knife. Six new handles and half a dozen new blades’.

Our customer is a ‘dab hand’ at rush-work so he is going to ‘polish-in’ and re-work the rush seat himself. He buys repair products from our shop and he can also buy on-line at fenlanproductsstore.co.uk

Let’s see if we can add a photo of the finished chair at a later date.

Furniture repair and restoration philosophy

Our philosophy as furniture restorers and furniture repairs is to work on a piece of furniture and to anyone new seeing the piece it should not look worked on. This can be difficult at times but due consideration and our years of experience help us achieve this. As with this chair, structural integrity is paramount as we would hate to think it would collapse under someone’s weight both for the person and the chair. Having said that, this type of chair was made for maybe smaller and lighter people than the average today. They can be used, but with care.

Repair yourself

If you fancy having a go at repair of furniture yourself, we have furniture repair products in our shop attached to our workshop and in our on-line shop fenlanproductsstore.co.uk




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