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Black mourning decoration. Why restoration.


I here you ask! Why mourning decoration?

If you look at the polish work you will see that some of the turned rings on the legs and in the grooves have black shellac polish on them. Why restoration of this decoration? This music stool was made around the time of the Prince Regent. http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/historic_figures/george_iv_king.shtml When his father George 3rd and the Regents only daughter died it was the fashion to respectfully decorate furniture with black mourning beading and mouldings. If you look around you will start to see this on many pieces of furniture from the period. When George 4th (Prince Regent) and his bother William 4th died they were afforded this too. On chest of drawers you will see the cock beadings and mouldings under the top blackened. When carrying out restoration sometimes unenlightened restorers may take off this black decoration thinking it unfashionable or not looking for it as it can be faded and not obvious. At Fenlan for Furniture Ltd we have many years’ experience and knowledge to help us restore wisely and without destroying the past. Which, after all is what restoration is about. To bring back or to restore as once was.

The stool is adjustable up and down with a wooden thread.

Restoration Products

We supply restoration products that you can purchase in our shop or on-line at fenlanproductsstore.co.uk

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