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Our Recent Work

Remarkable Resurrection

Posted on by Optimum Web Design

Dear Mr. Bryden

I would like to thank you and your team for the remarkable resurrection you have given to my c. 1910 armchair with its intricacies of button back. It is very stylish now but beautifully classical too. Thank you very much.

Your workshop is a remarkable place.

Yours Sincerely,

Jennifer Basrie-Murray



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Results Are Outstanding

Posted on by Optimum Web Design

Elm flooring

Fenlan came in and restored our elm flooring that had been damaged due to water.

They came to assess and give advice on how to dry out the elm flooring prior to commencing the work, which was carried out in a highly professional way and with consideration as we were still living in the house.

We are delighted with the results of their hard work on our flooring as it now looks amazing and beautiful.

Furniture Restoration

Due to flood damage Fenlan came to collect and returned our furniture.

We sent away tired and water damaged pieces and beautiful furniture was delivered back.

The restoration has been done in a highly professional way and we are so delighted with the results.

We’ve had new drawers made for a small desk. They’ve used old oak wood to match the original desk and the results are superb.

They have also changed the colour of our dark furniture to a lighter shade and the results are wonderful.


They have given new life to 2 small Georgian chairs. They were rickety, faded and very tired. Now they are strong, functional and beautiful.

We can and do recommend Fenlan as they do what they say, and the results are outstanding.

Kind Regards,

Vivian & Paul Wrigglesworthtestimonial_seven_rev

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I am grateful for your advice

Posted on by Optimum Web Design

Dear Stephen,

REF: Cherry Settle made for Robert Dymond

Further to my telephone call of last week, I am grateful for your advice regarding changing the colour of the above item with stripping and bleaching.

I am delighted to report that all the lovely furniture you made (and indeed restored) for Robert will remain in the family with either my sister, me or with our five children – Rob’s nephews and niece, who were his family.

Best Wishes

Yours Sincerely


Berkswell, Coventry




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Planning Formal Table Warming Party

Posted on by Optimum Web Design

Dear Mr Bryden,

Thank you so much for the table. We love it and are planning a formal table warming party in due course!

We both like the design for the sideboard and will be in touch with you in due course about this.

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Yours sincerely,

Nigella Brucetestimonial_two_rev


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Black mourning decoration. Why restoration.

Posted on by Fenlan For Furniture Ltd

I here you ask! Why mourning decoration?

If you look at the polish work you will see that some of the turned rings on the legs and in the grooves have black shellac polish on them. Why restoration of this decoration? This music stool was made around the time of the Prince Regent. http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/historic_figures/george_iv_king.shtml When his father George 3rd and the Regents only daughter died it was the fashion to respectfully decorate furniture with black mourning beading and mouldings. If you look around you will start to see this on many pieces of furniture from the period. When George 4th (Prince Regent) and his bother William 4th died they were afforded this too. On chest of drawers you will see the cock beadings and mouldings under the top blackened. When carrying out restoration sometimes unenlightened restorers may take off this black decoration thinking it unfashionable or not looking for it as it can be faded and not obvious. At Fenlan for Furniture Ltd we have many years’ experience and knowledge to help us restore wisely and without destroying the past. Which, after all is what restoration is about. To bring back or to restore as once was.

The stool is adjustable up and down with a wooden thread.

Restoration Products

We supply restoration products that you can purchase in our shop or on-line at fenlanproductsstore.co.uk

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Repair to a Chair. Yes it rhymes.

Posted on by Fenlan For Furniture Ltd


We can take this early 19th Century country ladder back chair and make it usable again. The passage of time and hungry woodworm have taken their toll. The idea with repair of something this old is to have as much as possible left of the original chair but leaving it as a functioning object. As the old saying goes ‘don’t make a cobbler’s knife. Six new handles and half a dozen new blades’.

Our customer is a ‘dab hand’ at rush-work so he is going to ‘polish-in’ and re-work the rush seat himself. He buys repair products from our shop and he can also buy on-line at fenlanproductsstore.co.uk

Let’s see if we can add a photo of the finished chair at a later date.

Furniture repair and restoration philosophy

Our philosophy as furniture restorers and furniture repairs is to work on a piece of furniture and to anyone new seeing the piece it should not look worked on. This can be difficult at times but due consideration and our years of experience help us achieve this. As with this chair, structural integrity is paramount as we would hate to think it would collapse under someone’s weight both for the person and the chair. Having said that, this type of chair was made for maybe smaller and lighter people than the average today. They can be used, but with care.

Repair yourself

If you fancy having a go at repair of furniture yourself, we have furniture repair products in our shop attached to our workshop and in our on-line shop fenlanproductsstore.co.uk




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Doll’s House. Design to reality.

Posted on by Fenlan For Furniture Ltd


Each room is removable from the main body of the house and could be replaced with another room setting with an alternative room design. This was also done to enable the rooms to be decorated and worked on away from the main body of the model house. The ‘room boxes’ have five sides dovetailed together for strength. We glued all the joints excepting the ceiling panel which is detachable to make it easy for access. The front of the ‘room boxes’ are open and enclosed by the access doors.


The electrics layout is designed so each room can be plugged and unplugged without other rooms losing power. More lighting and power supply is fairly easy to install via a mother-board located in the attic space and a remote controller activated by a hidden censor operated away from the house.

The Doll’s House exterior paint effects

We used some of the paint we supply (Mylands Marble Matt Emulsion) mixed with sand and fine grit to create a stone effect . You can buy this paint in our shop or on-line at fenlanproductsstore.co.uk


Below is an e-mail from our client.“I would like to thank Fenlan for making me the most wonderful Georgian Dolls House, the detail is superb and so carefully thought out. It is greatly admired by everyone.”

                 Thelma from Ravenstone Buckinghamshire.


See more things we have designed and created in past and future blogs.


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