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Est 1987

Cabinet Making, Furniture Repair & Restoration near Milton Keynes

At Fenlan For Furniture, we pride ourselves on being experts with a passion for restoring cherished furniture to its former glory. No job is too small. We can modify your furniture to suit modern living or just to your taste. Our antique furniture store and workshop are located just a twenty minute drive from central Milton Keynes.

Antique Furniture Shop

Our antique furniture store in Olney hosts a wide range of restoration products, and our team will be there to give advice on what it is that you’ll need to complete your project. Alternatively, we are happy to assist over the phone and will post the products that you require to you.

This store is also home to our workshop where we carry out all of our furniture and upholstery services. We have been based near Milton Keynes for over 20 years and Stephen Bryden and his team of skilled craftsmen are always happy to assist in giving new life to your antique furniture.

Furniture Repairs and Restoration

Having worked with antique furniture for many years, we specialise in offering repairs and restoration services that compliment the era of the product. We can work with inlays, carvings and gilding on antique furniture but are also experienced at working with rustic and modern furniture.

Our wealth of knowledge and countless years of research allows us to have a broad understanding of different time periods and artistic influences. We can work with anything from broken chair legs to cabinet cupboard doors, providing furniture repairs to the highest quality.

Furniture Upholstery

Fenlan For Furniture can reupholster furniture in both traditional ways and with more modern materials. This is a route to go down if you like to have unique furniture, as purchasing a good quality chair and having it reupholstered to meet your taste, gives you a finished product that no one else will own.

Cabinet Making

Cabinet making is a difficult job that requires patience, a great eye for detail and a multitude of skills. From understanding different materials and how they work, to being able to work with a variety of tools and machines.

Although cabinets are commonly made from timber, we are also experienced in incorporating brass, silver, coloured glass and other materials into our work.

We always try to keep our customers bills as low as possible, so although we can collect your furniture from Milton Keynes to bring to our workshop for repairs or restoration, we don’t offer a flat rate. This is because if we have multiple customers in one area, we will aim to collect all items in the same trip, therefore reducing the collection cost.

To find out more, please contact Fenlan For Furniture on 01234 711799

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17b Stilebrook Road, Olney, Buckinghamshire, MK46 5EA

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