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Furniture Repair

Furniture repair can be anything from a broken leg, loose joints, worn drawer runners, to a damaged finish. We have the expertise and experience to repair furniture with our knowledge of furniture making and construction. Movement of timber isn't allow for in some furniture which can course damage through time and use. Another common course of damage is inexperienced people making repairs, often making matters worse. Just don't tell us who did them.

Furniture Stripping

We have strong paint and varnish stripper. Non Caustic. (not available to the general public) We use this in our stripping system or apply by hand were appropriate. The stripper does not leave a residue nor does it damage joints and timber. Even veneered pieces can be stripped with this stripper without damage. The items we strip vary from house doors and windows to chairs, tables, other furniture and some metal items. The putty in windows will be softened making it easier to remove pains of glass intact so they can be re-puttied after repairs to frames have been made. Get in touch today for further information and advise regarding our furniture repair service.

Old furniture to restore
Rocking chair restoration
Antique chair repair
Tapestry screen restoration.jpg
Gothic Style Hall Chair
Our Recent Work
This chair has 'had it'!! or has it?? Repair or not to repair.
Repair to a Chair. Yes it rhymes.

Repair We can take this early 19th Century country ladder back chair and make it usable again. The...

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BeforeBroken chair before being repaired
AfterBroken chair after being repaired
BeforeClock hood before being repaired
AfterClock hood after being repaired

Here to help you

If you have an antique cabinet in need of careful restoration, or a much loved furniture piece which needs some expert attention, then we can certainly help. As experienced furniture restorers, we have significant cabinet making abilities which we are happy to put at your disposal. For older pieces, we can use period materials and techniques to ensure the end result is in keeping with the era in which the piece was created. For furniture which would benefit from contemporary work, we have an innovative selection of materials and ways of working which incorporate the best modern advances cabinet making in the 21st Century has to offer. Don't worry if the project requires other work, as we provide a holistic restoration service which enables us to reconstruct any item of furniture beautifully.

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We also supply a large range of waxes, polishes, upholstery supplies and other products.

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Our shop and furniture workshop are in the same premises, so you can browse our products, ask for advice and see for yourself the quality of our work.

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We are located near the borders of Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. Our Restoration and Cabinet Making services are available in the following locations: Olney, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford, Wellingborough, Newport Pagnell and surrounding areas. We can collect and deliver but this is at an extra cost and is usually done together with other collections and deliveries to keep down costs.