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Cabinet Making

Firstly before 'good cabinet making' is 'good design', taking into account, form, function and aesthetics. William Morris (One of the founders of the Arts And Crafts Revival Movement) said that "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." This is our philosophies to. We design with your initial ideas and dimensions in mind, working with you to create exactly what you want.

Cabinet making demands a wide range of skills; an eye for detail; experienced knowledge of materials and the ability to use a broad selection of hand and machine tools. Timber is a tricky material to work with, it can shrink and contract across its grain. This has to be taken into account in the furniture construction. However there is nothing quite like the unique, natural gain and textures of wood. We can incorporate other materials in our work. We have used beaten copper, enamel, silver and brass inlays, marquetry, coloured glass, iron work and so on. We sometimes work with other craftsmen with specialist skills and incorporate their work with ours.

Old furniture to restore
BeforeOak Arts & Crafts Cupboard
AfterOak Arts & Crafts Cupboard
Oak Arts Cabinet
Making a Cabinet
Our Recent Work
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Table restoration
Rocking chair restoration
Tapestry screen restoration.jpg
Gothic Style Hall Chair

Here to help you

If you have an antique cabinet in need of careful restoration, or a much loved furniture piece which needs some expert attention, then we can certainly help. As experienced furniture restorers, we have significant cabinet making abilities which we are happy to put at your disposal. For older pieces, we can use period materials and techniques to ensure the end result is in keeping with the era in which the piece was created. For furniture which would benefit from contemporary work, we have an innovative selection of materials and ways of working which incorporate the best modern advances cabinet making in the 21st Century has to offer. Don't worry if the project requires other work, as we provide a holistic restoration service which enables us to reconstruct any item of furniture beautifully.

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